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Aaron Combs
Interim Director
Nate Diller

Nathan Diller has worked in the carpentry industry for over 20 years with experience in both wood and metal stud framing, interior finish carpentry and exterior siding/ waterproof barriers. Safety is a top priority for him, leading him to strive to improve the safety record and image of every organization he represents. Read More

David Sanchez

Dave Sanchez has been an interior systems carpenter 31 years. During his extensive career, he has been successful in the field as a journeymen and foreman for companies like PCS, PSI, Anning-Johnson and Gordon Brown specializing in exterior and interior framing. In the Northwest, his project highlights include Century Link, Convention Center, Fort Lewis and Boeing. Read More


Steve Anderson
Instructor / Senior Education IT Support Specialist
Eric Isaacson
Tradeshow Instructor

Eric Isaacson has worked in the tradeshow industry for 32 years for several companies in the Seattle area and has held leadership positions in the industry for the majority of his career, including being co-owner of Triumph Expo and Events. As owner, he was the company’s operations manager in its infancy and used his leadership skills to build the company’s strong foundation. Read More

Rachel Stevens
Accounting Specialist
Maria Yamaguchi
Program Specialist
Scott Moorman

Scott Moorman has worked in the construction industry for 29 years as an exterior/ interior systems carpenter spending most of his career working Pacific Construction Sytems, Western Partitions and D.L. Hendrickson. He became a part-time instructor for Northwest Carpenters Institute 11 years ago and served for 5 years. During that time, he taught journeymen upgrade classes covering everything from basic framing to print reading and layout. Read More

Donna Cobane

With over 20 + years Bookkeeping and Accounting experience, spanning a variety of industries, Donna joined NWCI in 2015 as a full charge bookkeeper, where Donna has been able to apply her experience in all fields of work. Working at the Apprenticeship has by far become Donna’s most favorite experience of all.

Jody Kane
Assistant to the Executive Director
Daniel Espada

Daniel has been in the trades for 12 years as a production metal stud framer and drywall installer. He was the lead and foreman of multiple companies including PCS, Firstline Systems, Anning Johnson, and BNBuilders. He enjoys the gratification from working with apprentices and teaching them about the trades. He has also served 10 years in the military and is a disabled combat veteran. His tips to apprentices are to Be Safe, Move with a purpose, Ask Questions, Do what you're told, and BE SAFE! 

Cindy Gaudio
Ben Lyberger
Juanita Paz
Program Specialist
Gabe Garrido
Lisa Knight
Program Specialist

Lisa Knight joined NWCI in 2019 as a Program Specialist for the Spokane Training Center.

Brandon Bell
LMS Coordinator and Scheduler
Brandon started building scaffold in 2002 right after high school and graduated from the carpenters’ apprenticeship in Pasco, WA. He began his career as an instructor teaching part-time in the apprenticeship program in Kennewick, WA. As an apprentice and journeyman, he traveled around the West coast working for Ivy High Lift Rental/Scaffold, Safeway Scaffold, Brand Scaffold, Patent Scaffold, Excel Scaffold, Williams Group, and Bechtel. Read More
Chad Canoy
Dave Milton
Abraham Chavez
Dave Halstead
Garrett Judd
Roger Skaer

Roger has been a carpenter for over 27 years. He spent over 14 years in private residential construction before becoming a member of the UBC. After completing the apprenticeship, he worked in the field as a carpenter, a foreman and a general foreman on various jobs ranging from scaffolding, concrete formwork, to interior finish jobs.   

Read More

Ramona Beaver
Program Specialist

Ramona Beaver has served as the Program Specialist to NWCI for Eastern Washington since 2014. Prior to joining NWCI team, she completed an internship with the City of Kennewick municipality and continued  employment with the municipality for eight additional years. Her background is in business administration,  customer service,  and recreational programming.


Steve Brestar

Steve has been in construction for 19 years; 12 years in the UBC. He graduated from Naches Valley High School. Right out of high school, he started building houses. He needed a change so he moved over to Auburn where he worked for Utility Vault making concrete vaults for 6 years. Looking to expand his career, he moved to the Tri-Cities, where he joined the apprenticeship.  It was the best decision he ever made.  He found out how much opportunity there is in the UBC.  “You can go as far as you want,” he states. And that is exactly what he has done. Read More

Greg Brady

Greg has been in the trade for 20 years specializing in Carpentry and Scaffolding, and currently serves as Coordinator at the North Puget Sound (NPS) Carpenter Training Center. In addition to going through two apprenticeships (Carpentry and Scaffolding), Greg has several accomplishments throughout his career such as being a subject matter specialist for the Scaffold curriculum book at the Carpenters International Training Center (CITC) in Las Vegas, NV., and becoming a coordinator in the same training center he went through as an apprentice.

Eric Torset

Eric Torset has worked as a Carpenter for 28 years. He began in 1990 working in residential /commercial concrete doing flatwork and formwork rising to a foreman position in 3 years. After 5 years he then transitioned into residential /custom framing and excelled with his passion as a builder for 10 years. Working 15 years of non-union work, Eric moved into a journeyman position with the Carpenters union working for a local company building tilt-ups and formwork expanding into steel erections and siding/roofing. Read More

Greg Vanderwerff
Collettee Corbin
Program Specialist

Collettee Corbin has been with NWCI since early 2017 as the Program Specialist for the NPS location. Her background is in Customer Service, Real Estate, and Technical Operations. She is a highly experienced professional with a record of increased responsibilities that enjoys learning new programs and processes.

Karen Andrews

Karen Andrews has been a union carpenter for 14 years, and a certified welder for 13 years.  She started her career as an apprentice building bridges for Atkinson Construction in Snohomish County, WA.  After getting an in-depth taste of bridge building, Karen branched out into door and door hardware installation for Gibson Door & Millwork, having the opportunity to install door systems in buildings containing up to 5,000 doors.  Throughout her carpentry career, Karen has also worked in Total Station layout, advanced concrete formwork building and has performed both structural and light gauge certified welding on numerous jobs. Read More

Tyler Dubuque

Tyler is a Scaffold erector instructor out of the North Puget Sound, and has been a Scaffold Erector for Over 10 years, ranging in roles from Apprentice to General Foreman. Before that, he worked in his family's construction business building custom homes. 

As an Instructor, he enjoys making positive impacts on the lives of his students. He takes deep satisfaction in helping someone develop skills to better themselves on the job and in their daily lives. 

Tyler advises his apprentices to be relentless, as everything worthwhile in life takes effort to achieve. 

In his time off work, he is a father of 2 kids and a football coach for more than 15 years. Out of the classroom and the field, you can find him in the outdoors- Fishing, Hiking, Boating, or camping. 

Dustin Gregory
Dustin started his apprenticeship in 1998 in Renton, working his first 16 years with Kiewit Construction on projects like The Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the 520 Floating Bridge, and the Hood Canal Bridge. After the 520 Bridge he decided to make a change and started to do Hospital Tenant improvement work and doors and hardware with companies like Sellen and Howard S. Wright. His proudest achievement is the safety record that he kept as a foreman.
Heather Maldonado
Program Specialist
Dave Leon

Dave Leon has been an interior systems carpenter for 35 years. He started his career as an apprentice and journeymen in the Southwest Region in 1983. From 1991-2006 Dave served as a journeyman, leadman, foreman and project supervisor in the Pacific Northwest for WPI, Western Partitions, GL Systems, Ledon Drywall and Firstline Systems INC. He returned to the Southwest in 2006 and became a lead On-the-Job Trainer for the Southwest Carpenters Training and Apprenticeship Program. In 2010 he returned to the greater Seattle area as a leader in the industry and began working as an instructor for the Northwest Carpenters Institute in 2014.  

Cal Swan

Cal has worked in the carpentry industry for over 40 years and has experience with both rough and finish carpentry. His career started off at the Satsop Nuclear Power plant where he gained experience with gang forms, slip forms, and scaffolding of all types. Later his career took a turn and he began to specialize in interior finish work. That change allowed him to work as a lead man and foreman on many projects in the Puget Sound area and on three of the Hawaiian Islands.

Chris Buselmeier

Chris has worked for over 20 years in the carpentry industry. Starting in high school over Summer break building houses for Buselmeier Construction out of Tacoma, WA. He started the Carpenters Apprenticeship in 1992 with the majority of his career working on commercial buildings such as school projects, fire stations, churches, library’s and commercial office buildings throughout Pierce, King, and Kitsap counties.

Jesus Romero
Jesus has been a Carpenter for 25 years and an instructor since November 2007. Becoming an instructor has been one of his proudest accomplishments. He specializes in General Carpentry and enjoys the opportunity to work outdoors doing what he has always wanted to do- Carpentry- while earning a living that allows him and his family to live a comfortable lifestyle. Some advice he gives his apprentices is; knowledge is power, keep your mind open to learning new skills and technologies and model leadership on the jobsite. Read More
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