Drywall Finisher/Taper

Enjoy putting the final touches on a finished product? That’s exactly what you’ll do as a drywall finisher. Producing basic or decorative surfaces, drywall finishers apply finish, maintain and restore plaster or similar materials on interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and building partitions.

What does a drywall finisher do?
A drywall finisher measures, cuts, and fits drywall panels around mechanical structures. Once the required fittings are made, the drywall panels are attached to the wood or metal framework using glue, nails, or screws. Once the drywall has been securely installed, tapers fill the joints between panels with a joint compound. Using the wide, flat edge of a hand held trowel, tapers spread the compound into and along each side of all joints and angles with brush-like strokes. Immediately after spreading the compound, a paper tape is pressed into the wet compound to reinforce the joint and to smooth away excess compound material. The same compound is also used to cover nail and screw depressions in the panel caused during the installation. Finishing drywall and readying it for painting requires a keen eye for texturing and extreme patience to render the highest grade of finish.

What kinds of jobs are done by drywall finishers?
While drywall finishers work primarily for construction companies, some run their own businesses, applying finish to interior or exterior walls, ceilings, and building partitions. Drywall finishing candidates must have knowledge of taping, wall texture, and sheetrock finishing and be able to use basic hand tools. Those with prior commercial construction experience are often preferred by employers. Relevant artistic talents can be beneficial in producing decorative surfaces.

Washington State Earning Potential: $85K

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