Trade Show Specialist

A specialized group within the UBC, trade show specialists can travel the nation installing and dismantling construction trade shows and exhibits. As a trade show specialist, you get a unique vantage point on new and innovative products and technology as you construct the intricate and inviting displays used by some of the largest companies in America.

What is a trade show specialist?
At trade shows, buyers and sellers from all industries come together to promote or learn about the latest products, technological advances and industry techniques. Trade show specialists work for companies that set up and dismantles vendor displays and booths. Many trade show specialists are drawn to this craft because the work periods are relatively short duration throughout the year, though they are often intense periods on tight timelines.

What kinds of jobs are done by trade show specialists?
Trade show specialists bring a range of skills to bear in their work making trade shows run smoothly. They may specialize in exhibit layout and operations, handling rigging and lifts, or they operate fork lifts to move materials — all vital tasks in supporting the trade shows that promote the products and services of our nation.

Washington State Earning Potential: $85K

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