NWCI Podcast

The NWCI Podcast is hosted by Aaron Combs, Addison Combs, and Stephen Anderson- The NWCI Tech Team. We discuss all things carpentry, unions, and training with the staff of NWCI. Tune in weekly for new episodes, or view previous episodes below.

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Episode 11 – 13 Tips for New Tradespeople and Apprentices

Episode 10 – Jason Reynolds – Mass Timber

Episode 9 – Total Station with Eric Torset

Episode 8 – Apprenticeship Experiences with Aaron Combs and Steve Anderson

Episode 7 – Mark Carpenter

Episode 6 – Brandon Bell

Episode 5 – Cindy Gaudio

Episode 4 – Roger Skaer

Episode 3 – Marianna Talbott

Episode 2 – Dan Johnson

Episode 1- Addison Combs

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